One for the good guys!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.27.11 AM.png

Today I helped successfully fund a 50k Kickstarter campaign to produce an independently published motorcycle book. I'm really proud of the collective effort and the lessons I learned about micro funding are invaluable.

Here's a few tips...

  • You're going to raise a ton of money at the end.
  • You have to work the hell out of system, post, share, talk, beg, etc.
  • Getting people to share your cause on their blog is ok, getting them to share socially is insane.
  • Throwing a Kickstarter party at the right time gave us momentum and $$$ when things were slow.
  • A couple likeminded business supporters can give you a much needed cash boost.
  • You have to stay insanely positive, even when others doubt your ability to make it.

Above everything this campaign reaffirmed my belief that doing something out of love and passion for the subject matter is attractive to people. Kickstarter is place where people fund things they deeply care about. Thor cares about these books and his infectious energy and a bunch of hard work paid off and taught us that the independent spirit is alive and well in Portland.

Justin Lewis